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Bek Berger

Bek Berger is an artist, curator and producer from Australia. She has recently been appointed as the new artistic director of the New Theatre Institute of Latvia/Homo Novus Festival. Over the previous five years she has been a nomadic creative producer working in festivals across the globe such as American Realness (NYC), Dance Massive, Darwin Festival (AU), Fierce Festival and Forest Fringe (UK). As a curator she has (co)/initiated projects such as Critical Futures, Convergence, La Discorso, Possible Futures Forum as well as shaping events for Darwin Festival, Tanz Im August and Moving in November/Baltic Circle. Since 2017 she has been working as a dramaturg and producer of choreographer, James Batchelor, touring to over 17 countries. Additionally, she has an ongoing collaboration with German artist Daniel Hengst on their work Art for Landscapes.
More info: www.bekberger.com

Otto Tähkäpää
Otto Tähkäpää is a historian and futurist interested in the importance of competence and learning in social upheavals. He has established the School of the Future for children, young people and their teachers, which promotes future education in schools.

Riku Riihilahti

Photo: Hanna-Maria Grönlund

Riku Riihilahti is the Head of Sales at Yellow Films & YV, one of the biggest production companies in Finland. He has a MA degree in Political Communication from the University of Liverpool. Riihilahti worked as a sports reporter and producer at the Yleisradio in 1997-2007.

KooPee Hiltunen
KooPee Hiltunen is the Director of Neogames Finland Association, Finnish Hub of Game Business, Research and Education. He has been working in digital media industry since 1994, in Neogames since 2004 and from 2006 on as director of Neogames. KooPee is specialized in games industry ecosystem development, games business and games exports. KooPee Hiltunen is also the spokesperson of Finnish Game Developers Association and one of the founding fathers and board member of EGDF (European Games Developer Federation) and NGI (Nordic Game Institute).


Antti Majava
Antti Majava
(Master of Fine Arts) is an artist and doctoral researcher (University of Helsinki/DENVI) who in his work has focused on the social and cultural dimensions of ecological issues. He is particularly interested in the cultural relations of energy production and use; how much and for which purposes do our societies need energy? Majava also explores the role of art as a transformer of cultural habits and as part of the energy revolution needed to combat ecological crises. He is a founding member of the BIOS Research Unit, which focuses on socio-ecological multidisciplinary research and scientific communication, and the Mustarinda Society, which combines artistic and scientific work on ecological issues.