MESH 11.11.2020

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MESH is a networking event bringing together professionals from the fields of culture, science and technology to brainstorm ideas for a shared future.

The first ever MESH will take place on 11 November 2020. It is an online networking event that takes a fresh approach on the latest questions on gamification, digitalisation and art in the field of cultural production. The event is organised by students who started cultural production studies at the Humanities University of Applied Sciences in January 2020. We offer speeches and panel discussions online live from the premises of HAM – the Helsinki Art Museum.

The event is held mostly in English.

Our keynote speakers feature Otto Tähkäpää (Futures Specialist at Children and Youth Foundation & CEO of Futures School), Bek Berger (Artist and Artistic Director of the Latvian Institute of New Theatre), KooPee Hiltunen (Director, Neogames Finland Association), Riku Riihilahti (Head of Sales, Yellow Film & TV Oy) and Antti Majava (Artist, doctoral researcher and the founding member of BIOS research unit and the Mustarinda Association).

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